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Established in 2018 at the University of Milan – Bicocca, Italy, the HEVA Research Group gathers a group of researchers with expertise in molecular biology, embryology and cell biology, working side-by-side to generate new scientific knowledge on vascular and hematopoietic disease to pave the way for safer, more effective treatments to ultimately benefit patients’ health.

  • Results Oriented – We investigate how different stem and progenitor cells acquire and maintain their fate using genetic lineage tracing strategies in transgenic mice and loss/gain of function (LOF/GOF) models of vascular and hematopoietic disorders.

  • Data Driven – Genetic and epigenetic profiling in animal models and patients is achieved through state-of-the-art biomolecular/sequencing platforms, including single cell technology. The definition of new marker panels, that identify the different pathological vascular and hemopoietic progenitors, allows the precise identification of cells that can be translated in diagnostic/prognostic tools.

  • Research Led – We believe research-led teaching can offer ideal conditions for learning. Our lab is located in the new Biomedical Campus of University of Milano Bicocca, where teaching occurs at Bachelor, Master and PhD level, including the PhD program in Translational and Molecular Medicine, DIMET . Members of the team have a consolidated experience in training junior scientists and follow the three key fundamentals in building their own team: 1) equal treatment, 2) professional practice, 3) a rigorous code of conduct in performing research.

In our research, we aim at understanding the interacting networks of genes, molecules and cells underlying homeostasis and disease processes, with the ultimate goal of translating our results into diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Our interdisciplinary approach will lead to the identification of novel molecules that could prove useful as markers or therapeutic targets.

Our approach


Our group is working on the frontier of new discoveries, linking basic and translational research in the fields of hematopoietic and vascular cell biology.
We collaborate with academic researchers, clinicians and biotech companies around the world to foster innovation in the scientific approach and promote the exploitation of the results of our research in the clinical setting.

All research in the HEVA Research Group is conducted in accordance with fundamental ethics principles, including those reflected in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. These principles include the need to ensure the freedom of research and the need to protect the physical and moral integrity of individuals and the welfare of animals. Our research is carried out in strict accordance with national and international legislations.

To contribute to the scientific community in our areas of expertise, we take pride in publishing new findings. Visit the news and publication section to explore some of our recent work.

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We are pleased to share our work published in peer-reviewed international journals indexed in Pubmed and Scopus

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As educators we understand that developing interest in a research career is greatly influenced by prior educational environment and research training experience. Therefore, we believe in fostering our students’ interest in biomedical research since their early undergraduate medical education.

We aim at training undergraduate and graduate students, by hosting them in the lab together with postdoctoral fellows, providing them with all the necessary tools to encourage them to choose biomedical research as their career path.

We are faculty members of two international medical school program:

We are coordinator of RENOIR, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network (Horizon 2020)

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News on our research and on advances in the field of vascular and hematopoietic cell biology target both the lay public and the scientific community with the ultimate aim to reduce the gap between science and society and to promote scientific exchange and communication.

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“High-quality biomedical research is a cornerstone in the development of new and effective diagnostics and treatments that will lead to improved medical care and ultimately to a better quality of life.”

Emanuele Azzoni, Researcher

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Collaboration is our strategy to achieve more faster our science goals

Passion for blood

From developmental hematopoiesis to the remodeling vascular niche.
We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory that is committed to pursue high quality scientific research in the field of hematopoietic and vascular cell biology.

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